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Why darkness is faster than light?.

Something better has proven itself to be faster than light and that is darkness, this maybe the reason why you can’t seem to escape your shadow, think about it, for there to be light there must be blinding darkness first for the light to visible, so we obvious know that light is radiating from the nearest biggest stagnant star in our solar system, but nobody knows where the darkness comes from because something cannot come nothing, there has to be something radiating that darkness but because of the lack of greater eyes we should assume that darkness is around us and is us because the second the sun sets, darkness is already there insistently as if it did not go anywhere, it was just there. The space is dark yet there is sunlight. This could be because there’s nothing in space but the dark black colour is still there. It is truly a magnificent thing which happens here in this solar system, to have light within the earth but totally different on the outer area around earth because of its noticeable blackness as soon as you burst out from the last sphere protecting earth from the suns rays, you see only blinding darkness. The magic or illusion of yin and yang spinning at great speeds is being illustrated but only a few notice it. If I am wrong about darkness being faster than light well then I am sorry for misleading yall but then again I surely believe it is not slower than light.

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