Why am fascinated by the future?. here’s my insane displaced theory on the future.

The future maybe the only strongest fear for everyone in this day and age , this theory has not been proven but I ask you , when you are alone and know one is with you plus not even occupied by a single problem to solve , don’t you think of the past which usually ends up leading you to thinking about the future so you can decide how to better handle the same situation if it even occurs again?, Well chances of the same situation happening again are zero , truth of the matter is that nothing is ever the same for so many reasons if you only started living outside the box , you would stop thinking about past events and start looking forward after all your eyes are placed looking forward so why bother looking backwards? Think futuristic mankind.

Road to the future

This blue ball that we call earth is designed for us to learn something. What we should learn is still unknown because nothing makes sense anymore with other planets constantly being located in space the theory of human beings being the only species has to be over looked now.

Should you be terrified of the future ?.

Why be terrified of the future when you can control what will be happening to your life just by knowing yourself more. It’s time you started seeing more , it’s time you had that extraordinary eye or as people with limited knowledge would call it the third eye. This has nothing to do with evil but it has something to do with you being able to see what is good for you in the moments encountered in your daily life so the good moments can lead to better future’s. You can control your future trust me even with Tesla and the owner of virgin active trying to launch us to the mars of which you should be excited off!.

Instead of walking on the streets looking downwards on the ground as if you’ll pick up a dollar, you should stand up straight instead and act like you are the dollar that everyone is looking down on the ground for. Notice everything , look at everything and take a moment to digest every single beautiful scenery that makes the little blue shining ball among a void of dark space powered only by frequencies , vibration and the third is a mystery for you to research upon.

when you start seeing , you start living.”

So why am I fascinated about the future?.

There’s a man who once said the future is something which happens to us at one hour per 24\7 at 365, personally I don’t know if the math is right but I can testify that what this great Man was trying to say was that the future of which you probably put of for years is something which is happening to you right now as you are reading this text the future is happening and becoming the past so you better live that future you were planning to execute after years now because nothing is stopping you but yourself and I must tell you that you are your own worst enemy because you always keep holding yourself back by the daily actions you make and portrait on to the world because if the world see , the world believe and what the world believes you become because mankind is easily influenced these days plus there’s very little action and integrity required inorder to make the world think otherwise about what they believe in and this action begins with your actions.

Those of you who are sarcastic enough have probably gotten the glue by now as to why you should be fascinated about the future just by reading those little facts of mine about the truth of how to live the future better.

Am fascinated by the future because day by day I get closer to figuring out who created it all from the large dark void of space containing all these galaxies which contain massive interesting planets and why should you not be interested is confusing.

Are you not excited that day by day we get closer to exploring the dark unknown and by exploring we have always gotten closer to THE ANSWER.

Space humans , how cool does that sound , human become the ones who visit and help other space species towards civilized peace but first that begins with you
Changing your actions.