The year 2020 has to inspire you to do something new to better your future purposes.

This new decade has a lot in store for us since the people whom were born on the year 2000 are now getting hyped up that this will be their year because they turn twenty years old on the year 2020. This is being taken as a sign for the ones born on 2000 that they must be able to do major things which will alter their futures for the better. I also encourage the hype to those also who were not born on the year 2000 because this simply a new DECADE. Get up and do something , anything that promises a better future for you and those around you.

Be curious about everything , that is how you start living again.

Be inspired to do something new for a better future and a better decade.

If you don’t do something new to better your future. The world shall also keep your experiences the same and if you really love experiencing the same old things , I got news for you. The technology bond to be released on this fresh new decade will not make things easy for you. The goal now is space people and you still stuck trying to experience your daily routine plus what you are doing is a serious insult to mother nature and your happy state of mind. You were never born to experience the same old events. Do something new and productive to have a better butterfly effect.

Be interested in a better world that you can build

People we are all creatures of curiosity.

Do you think a creature of curiosity should wake up everyday and work so hard to keep things the same?, Because no matter what you do , things shall never happen exactly the same because just like you the earth wakes up everyday and works even harder than you to make things intensely new and interesting for you. Your state of consciousness has to experience different moments otherwise earth will feel like the Matrix or Room13 or just like a silly old trap for the living.

Bring back your curiosity towards small things and witness change because if you think you KNOW
,Well that just means you DON’T KNOW. for more positivity for 2020