The term future

Well if we could all read the future then no one would be exactly enjoying life as we know it because some how you already know of what is going to happen to your future so why live it if you already know it?.

It’s like seeing through every moment of your life before you even had the opportunity to experience it. Won’t that feel like a program to you ?, like there’s someone whose already written your script and you are just playing along being part of this big tremendous play called life.

Perks of not knowing the future

Many people will tell you that if I knew that things were going to turn out this way , I would have dealt with the situation in this kind of way but because we can not tell the future , you first have to surprised then you can deal with the situation so many of humankind dwell in the past because how they are unable to see the bigger picture which is the future.

Dwelling in the past for too long invites the grim reaper sadness , anger , discomfort and confusion to your goals. Focus on the future and learn from the past and don’t dwell on it for too long.

Taking charge of the future

Although life is all about surprises we as humans try to eliminate some the surprises we are bound to experience by taking control of daily challenges and planning for certain events such as getting injured and we prepare for this by taking up medical care because you know somewhere somehow you are going to get injured in your life time right?.

The little you can do to take charge of your future life puts , eliminates a lot of misfortunes.

Why the future?, Don’t you realise you have nothing but the future and not the now.

When you think about it , ever since you were born you were living for the future. One thing that can not be avoided is the future. So we can only prepare for it. Although certain events may happen in such a way that executing your previously planned plans for the future may not be an option but the thought of you having to plan for that day would give you closure better than not having any plans for the day at all.

Better have something than nothing, ever had that phrase before?.

Does it help knowing the future?.

I believe success is achieved by taking control the small events which happen to any living organism. If you have control then you are the master of your boat and no tide may push and pull your ship to depths of which you can not handle with you still in control of the ship , control certain events leads you to controlling your future and who is a better writer of your story than yourself.

You are the captain of your plane or helicopter or rocket ship , which ever one suits you best.