The madness of yin and yang in love.

If there’s good love surely there must be bad love right?, how do you differentiate the two when most people only think of love to be a good thing and has no signs of bad in it. To be serious when you are in love and deeply in love, it feels great but with time those great feeling starts to deteriorate into something more intriguing and has some kind of bad situation involved in it. Reason why most people are bound to fail at love is because they don’t see the bad in love which means they have not accepted the bad part of love so when the bad part of love hits and hits hard, someone is bound to give up or when he/she does not quit, greater good love builds up which encourages greater bad love to build up as well to set the balance and so this is the pattern of love and life

Accept the good/bad as one because they both require each other to exist.