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The future in all things normal

The future in cars

If you are a car fanatic just like me then you must certainly be interested in some old car that would make you feel just right even though you do not get to accomplish some other goals or dreams you set out for your future.

Well may I be the first to tell you that you are just an average car fanatic. Don’t get me wrong you do love cars but your thinking needs to change as things have already shifted hard into information technology which means also cars have changed ladies and gentlemen.

Cars now have more speed , more edge , more style , more affordable damn go get yourself a car. 😉

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How to make your future exciting? Here are 5 ways to get started.

What you have to do first First thing’s first we should fix your perception of the term future, I know you have been told that the term future means something which is yet to come that’s true but I have found my own meaning of the term future and hopefully you will find it useful.Future for me mean you in simple terms, without you there is no future.So the things you do influence your future, so to get your future in order I have to show things which are excited about the future and hopefully motivate you to participate in some events, to make your future exciting.Unlocking your greatest future begins with dreaming, whoever said to you that dreaming is for children was terribly mistaken and that person is probably nowhere right now but if he/she reads this, they might change their ways too.Dream as big as you can, dream beyond our stars, dream beyond a place called heaven for you and once you start dreaming, Go for your dream.

Coolest way to travel in the future

From horses to cars, what’s next?Let’s be honest wether you are a female or male, you fantasies of having that sweet, cool ride so you can drive off, in it just to relieve stress.And the future for cars is getting insane with promises of flying cars to be released soon.Think about it, having a flying car in your garage, if that’s not cool honestly I don’t know what is.Playing in the sky now, basically we are closing every gab between us and space faster than we thought we would have which is amazing by the for your children.Before you give up, think about this and start motivating yourself towards your goal so you can secure your flying car in the bag.I know it won’t be easy but it won’t hurt not to try, did you know that every billionaire in the world had a dream than try to get that dream time and time again until they witnessed that they have achieved more than what they could have asked for simple because they put all emotions aside and worked towards that goal.

For future virtual world

This had been thought to be just the stupidest dream ever but that’s proving to be wrong.You are probably thinking that the virtual world will only be ending in the online world we know right now right?.Well you are wrong as scientists are working towards bridging the gap between the computers system and our human minds.Although this might sound like the matrix coming true, the future is surely getting intense and if you love drama, you better get motivated.Think about it?, You’ll be able to go into a world were you can feel, do anything and everything without injuring your real human body, futures exciting right?.

What Future communications has in store

Communications promises holograms in the future which will make distance communications more enjoyable.This program requires you to engage in fixing yourself and working towards the dream you dreaming about right now.I want you to work on your dream for the future because I know this is why you researched this topic as you were feeling somewhat lost or worried about what’s coming next or how to handle tomorrow?.Worry not for the future offers great ways of communicating with each other.If all goes good you might end up meeting an alien because you can not possible think that in the entire galaxy this is the only planet with life form and don’t think invasion aliens, that’s just crazy too.

What future technology is all about

Our scientists are gunning for the future as they are making everything we see in movies or series, a reality.Technology is out there to make your life easier and you still not going for your dream which will be the key for you to get the new kind of technology which is released from time to time.The future for jet packs has been made so why don’t you work towards getting that jet pack.Imagine having that real estate house with all latest new kinds of technological innovation installed.We dreaming right, but this can become a reality because you have made it this far.

Why get excited for the future?

You have no choice because everything you do leads you to the future whether you want to be on top of the future or on the bottom of the future is up to you.You are the future, nothing else but you is the future and you can make your future great when you dream big and work towards those dreams even if that means going back to school again for your future.It doesn’t matter what people say, because the future is yours and you have the power to look forward to the new technology, to going to space or owing that flying car it’s up to you.Remember every move you make, breath you take leads you to the future. YOU ARE THE FUTURE!!!…

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Don’t be scared of the future here’s five reasons why.

I get that you are scared

If anyone could tell the future he/she should be the king of the world by now.Truth is the future is scary and the more you think about future the more the future scares you.Running is hopeless since the future is inevitable.So why don’t you face the future head on?.

Can you face your future?.

Yes yes you can, you have the hidden ability to face anything you encounter.Somewhere, somehow you were stuck in a scary situation and managed to survive.You can do this daily.In fact by reading this you have realised that you have a hidden ability like the hero of your life.


The future has a lot to offer.The artificial level we have reach now is incredibly and most amazing.Why, because some of the new technology can help you prepare for the future which isn’t as bad as you think it is.I’m talking about the new smartphones, tablets, cars, software, Televisions etc.Fact is, these equipments are designed to help you with your life.Your work becomes less with these equipments.Everyday scientist work hard to make your life easy so relax and leave everything to science.

Sounds ridiculous?.

Think about the past or watch movies from the past.Truth is things were hard back in the past and as technology advances thing’s get easier.Giving you a chance to make changes in your life and pursue success in tomorrow’s world.

Feeling motivated?.

If so, then please continue to check on my content as I will be telling you more about the best new thing in the world to help your life become easier because like you.I am also humbled by the future.So the easy life into the future is the right life.

Be motivated and stay tuned for more exciting content about the future.

Do you remember your fear about the future now?.

Don’t be alarmed by the changes in nature.That’s change trying to fit in with the future as things are changing so redecoration has to be done in certain places to accommodate to our new life style, the easy life.

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Ever Feel Like You Have Two People Living Inside You?, Explained better in 6 simple ways

Well I Can not begin to explain to you the level of mystery that has been going through your brain.Your brain has the ability that I’m still currently studying myself, through daily surveys that I ask my friends.Your brain is able to create two subconscious people inside you to help you with your daily life and after reading the content you will be able to do something amazing inside you.So seat tight and reading with understanding, I’m taking you back to primary school in Grade Three. We are gonna figure out what the problem is?.

These People who guide you for your future.

Who are they?, What are they?, How Can you control them?, How do you become you again?, Can you use them to your advantage?.Tough questions?, If you asked me three years ago, see I was a very bright student but I had no sense of direction or path.I felt like I made no choices in my life like all that’s happening is happening because I wake in the morning and I’m forced outside the house to go and learn, get a job, have a family then die.Sad right, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you as you about to take a shorter route into getting yourself back so you can prepare for the “future.They are your own personated flight mode action “if you feeling like not doing anything”.

Who are they?.

To put into summary, they are the people who you gathered around everyday you woke up.Everyday life is a lesson for you brain so your brain records everything.The Power For Your Brain Is Limited-less.

These people are the collective as Jaden Smith put it, they are you, just collected from the past.They have many names but I call these people the Flightmode personated response to the outside world.

What are they ?.

They are your memory, to put the question into simple words, they are nothing but the past.If the past doesn’t affect you, then why live an influenced life under it?.They are your everyday emotion, lesson, warning.They are your dreams, goals, missions.They are your fantasies, your ideas etc, fact remains that the collective is your old self trying to come alive.

How can you control them?

To be honest this part works differently for everyone.This is the part where you need to literally meditate if you ever want to know how to control your people.This is where you have to achieve a state of unlimited peace in your life.I recommend that you meditate and trust yourself that your salvation to controlling your people will come to you.

Becoming you Again

This is a long process for all us depending on the kind of people you have inside of you.You might be filled with the seven deadly sins or have three little hornicorns inside you.Becoming you depends on how good you are on taking care of your ego or the pride you have, Because that’s the centre of the problem for many lost souls.These two words are enough to not even get you started on the road to changing your life, PRIDE & EGO, these are killer in the history of known world.Changing means you’ll have to do everything that has been hard for you to do.Doing that you’ll need the Five Second Rule- 5-4-3-2-1 Go, the rule is simple to use, it is an action rule, after you are done thinking or still are thinking about it use it to complete your the thought in your mind to do something


I recommend that you follow me on every social media so you can have a better chance in life as I experience something’s first hand so you won’t have to go through the.Email me at for more information on your inner demons or Angels which might have taking over your life.If you ever think that NO I can not do this on my own, just ask yourself how you survived your past experiences?.Your brain has the people to create imaginary people to help you daily. Imagine what else it can do?

Have the Heart To Grow Your Life

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