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Thought of the day.

From now on his gonna be having great sayings to share.
To avoid criticism simply say nothing , do nothing , be nothing.

If you want to be great and I mean Muhammad Ali Great not just great then you really have to learn how to face criticism like woman or man you are. Hell it’s better to something than nothing. Humans are good at wasting natural resources but your life shouldn’t be one of those natural resources to be wasted too. Same something , be something hell , burn something if you have to feel alive for the day because owning your days leads to owing your future.

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The power of reading a book from start to finish and it’s effects on your future.

The world needs more readers

Most people probably forgot the feeling of starting something and finishing it. There’s nothing better than that feeling , the feeling rejuvenates you but most people hate books so people often forget this wonderful feeling. I don’t blame those majority of people who hate reading because the books we read in school are boring and not interesting enough to get you excited to read it , matter of fact it almost feels as if you are wasting time when you read the books from school and the reason for all of this is because we do not get to choose what we want to learn from school. We get the same books as the students who came maybe five years before us. We learn the same subjects they did and it almost feels as if you are being prepared to be an employee and that’s not a nice feeling for a teenager. So how can a teenager be interested in books when school has made book feel like death traps. Books can be made interesting if there was no such thing as a subject. Books can be great to read but the schools have to rethink the ways of teaching. Finishing a book always changes a part of your life. Please note there are right and wrong books and this is there for balance just as there is night and day plus this all depends upon your perspective of the book whether it is good for you or bad for you. The right books prepare you for the right future and the wrongs ones do the same thing inversely from the right future but this all depends upon your perspective. There’s a solution to this dilemma and that always to have a great undisputed reason to why you are reading any book.

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Every decision you make does not guarantee a great future.

Which way is the right way?.

All directions lead to a single ending.

When you decide upon doing something just know there were a thousand other better decisions you could have made , you just don’t know them until you work on the first decision. You only find out later after the deed has been done that there were better alternative ways to doing the same thing , you just didn’t know.

I want you to know this by heart that when you are doing something there are better ways to doing the same thing and if you know this by heart , you’ll spend less time thinking about past failed events because from the moment you began your task , you know that there could be better ways to doing this task and sometimes by knowing this simple fact , you keep your mind open to better ideas to tackle the same task , you have been tackling with the first decision.

Every decision has something to teach you , it all depends on whether you are able to see the lesson being showcased to you or the problem being shown to you. A single decision can lead you straight to hell then to heaven. You just have to be prepared for the lessons coming because of your decision.

Be prepared for the worst and be surprised when something good comes out Instead.

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Should nice people really be expecting a great future?.

Well this depends upon how nice you are as a person because there are various ways to being nice like a person who may treat you very nicely and have the most outrageous evil thoughts at heart for his/her own personal gain towards how they treat you or a person may treat you very awfully and have thee most sincerest plans towards his actions of being bad towards you , hoping you might learn something valuable from his/her actions towards you (it’s up to you to decide who is the nice person) . If you are to be nice , First have ulterior motives. You should never be nice just because you feel like being nice because subconsciously you want that person to return the same kind of gesture you gave to him/her but what happens when the very same person decides not be nice towards you? You will lose your mind trust me.


Being nice can be your most powerful weapon of gesture or your worst kind of gestures to be playing with.

Being nice without any ulterior motives may be the worst kind of move to do ever because motives are important to have in your daily life because with a motive in place , you will always find peace towards why in the first place you committed this kind or nice gesture towards a person because motives serve as a burier between you and the other people’s gestures towards you so that if the person you are being nice too can not do the same thing for you , you can not feel sad or angry because you have those buriers of motives towards your actions then suddenly every action you take becomes more beneficial towards yourself and not the other person.


Never be the nice guy in all situation encountered in.

We all know the compound effect of life right which states that the more you do something , the bigger it’s effects shall get. Combine with Newton’s third law of life which states that for every action taken there’s an equal direct opposite of that action which shall act on you. So I ask you what’s the direct opposite of being nice? Combine with the compound effect? ,Sure smells like disaster. Know when to be a nice person and when not to be a nice person. Besides the Newton’s law and compound effect which might seem outrageous to you , I’m just trying to show you that some other people can take advantage of your ways of being nice.


The future of a nice person

With motives of why you are being nice your future looks bright but without motives you are literally digging your own grave.

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Does having restrictions in your life help better your future?

The term restrictions can sometimes be compared to the term limitations. Now having limits on some matters means that you just not whiling to cross a line which you have put out for yourself and this may seem like a good idea but I assure you it’s not. Humans were never built to have limits Instead it’s the other way around. I’m not encourage you to be a risk taker but once in a while you should show people that you have no limitations like when Elon Musk smoked weed live on radio , this showed he has no limitations.

Understand the kind of risks he took to sit there and capture this monumental picture for us which will be part of history now. He is risking it all just by sitting on that spot alone because no one knows when the edge shall fall off but he did it anyway.

If humans think you have limitations that you can not surpass , they can use those limitations against you and I know that for fact because I would do the exact same thing without hesitation. So trust me showing people that you can be a risk taker when it’s needed would make humans fear you because you suddenly become unpredictable in the eyes of the public with your work and how you do things. The public shall always be on their feet when you do something because they now know you can break your limitations when need be and you always want to keep the public on their feet when you do something new which is great for your future.

No restrictions , no limitations and certainly no excuse.

Having restrictions in your life helps you stay out of sticking situations most of the time but it takes away all of the fun you can experience when you get in trouble. Having restrictions doesn’t help better your future at all because you always play things safe and life is a gamble honestly. Every time when you get out of the bed you are gambling with your life because shit happens like maybe a sink hole might suddenly appear on the side walk you are walking on.

Having no restrictions is better than having some because you are brought in this world to experience everything possible for you and not to limit your experiences by having restrictions. If you must know , women don’t find a Man with restrictions on himself attractive, women always crave for risk taker and you must ask yourself why is that. Risk takers have more chances on succeeding than non risk takers. Everything you do is a risk because the outcome is uncertain so why have restrictions? when the future itself is uncertain.

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How being a master of not being able to focus can limit your creative on subjects involved in.

More and more humans are showing signs of lack of concentration on the active they engage on because of the popular statement which states and I qoute “killing two birds with a single stone” meaning that we often multitask on any given time and although it may seem that we are saving time , we are often becoming masters at lack of concentration.

Your journey on being able to focus begins

People often say creativity requires a lot of focus which is a hundred percent true but I ask you , how could you be a master of focusing when you practising how to multitasking everyday of your life?, If you didn’t know , multitasking requires you to focus on all task being worked on. Yes multitasking may save time but the tasks on hand receive less focus as your focus must be divided among the tasks trying to be accomplished.

Doing incredible things requires a lot of focus.

If you want to achieve golden recommendable work on everything you do , I suggest that you burn your multitasking way of doing things. Imagine if every task you were involved in , received 100% of your focus. I don’t know the math yet but you would be Godly at that task. Learn to focus on a single task. Meditating for at least an hour a day , helps you regain your long lost ability to focus.

This is easy to do if you are able to focus.

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How to be a better funny person for the future and also the benefits that come with being a funny person

People always say that telling jokes is hard but Kevin Hart may disagree with all of them as his the greatest comedian to ever grace the theatre stages on this past centuries. My question to y’all is that do y’all laugh at Kevin Harts jokes or are you laughing at Kevin for being such a dumb ass?.

Do you laugh at the joke or the person in it?.

People normally don’t laugh at a joke which doesn’t involve human suffering or dumb humans doing some pretty stupid senseless things. So if you really want to be funny person first. You have to master the art of making people laugh at YOU not the joke. That’s how you really become funny. Making people laugh at you , not the joke. Take a look at all the greatest comedian’s dating back to Charlie Chaplin , Adam Sandler , Chris Tucker , Bernie Mac , Jim Carrey and so many more Greats , You would notice that we did not laugh at their jokes completely , somehow we were laughing at the artists not the jokes. The word Joke should mean a person doing stupid or clever things then being laughed at for doing what he just did the way he just did it.

Do dumb shit like when Me and Nada went to the extremes of just taking a picture on a hill. Do you how many times we fell trying to get to the top? To only take one picture. The number of times we fell was just unnecessary.

Being able to make people laugh at you , attracts more humans towards you because of the fact that you would be able to find something funny at the most stressful moments you could encounter in life and humans really want such a person to be part of their lifes , someone who would be able to make them laugh at their selves on what shit they got themselves into. If you can master this art , popularity is just the beginning of being able to make people laugh. You would also be regarded as cool, crazy, insane, outrageous, fun, enjoyable person to be around and the world is missing a lot of these people , so would truly be a rare catch. Learn how to make people laugh at the person in the joke being told.

People laugh at people , not the other way around

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How being able to say NO in matters that require you to say NO can lead you towards a better future.

You probably don’t know this but it’s been proven that a person who is able to say No on relevant matters has more confidence than a person who says Yes all the time. Saying No gives you an ability to control the situation you are tackling plus to top things up , being able to say No invokes the brain of the other person to whom you said it too , so you may have their full attention.

You use the word right and you will get more respect

The only problem is that people do not know when to use such a powerful word and when to not use the word. This word can only be used if the situation does not promise a good outcome because if you can not see a good outcome then guess what? , The world won’t be able to see a good outcome as well. The world around you is the mirror of your mind.

Use your words carefully and your future shall look better.

Caution , saying No too much leads to unproductivity which is clearly not good for your future as unproductivity might cut your future short. You just need to learn how to Say No less frequently so that you can control most of the situations to your own benefit because the word No empowers you. Just know when to say NO please , infact be cautious with how you use your words.

Time is precious

Yes is also a power word but I write about that word on another blog , I just wanted you to know here that having more control plus added confidence leads to a better future plus if you use your words well and affect those around you , it will be powerful enough to affect mother earth too. #betterfuture.

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How to strengthen your future emotional  state of mind.

Well emotions tend to complicate your daily life because schools didn’t teach us how to control our emotional state. Schools do , do a good job on creating best employees with disturbed emotions.

You can change all that.

The day you probably forgot how to control your emotions ,was probably on your first heart break for sure as heart breaks serve as a door way to being emotional disturbed. Now you can go from being angry to being happy in nanoseconds without even paying attention to how easy your emotions change.

It may seem like a good thing , not being able to control your emotions but for your future state of mind , controlling your emotions should be your number one goal because emotions need energy to function so as much as you are switching your emotional state by the minute , you are also wasting energy meant to be used later on in the day so you end up having low sums of energy to continue with the day. That’s why you are tired most your day.

Ways to strengthen your emotional state of mind(here are three ways to keep you emotional feet for the future).

You have to learn how to smile first , yes everyone can smile but you have to be able to smile even when you are not required to smile because just by smiling alone I guarantee you , you will be happy most of your day and that would be good for any human who wishes for a better emotional future because honestly when one person smiles in an area , usually he/she affects the area causing the mood in the area to change just because of your smile plus being known only for smiling would serve you better than not being known at all.

Just a cool smile , not an awkward one , you don’t even have to show your teeth. If she can do it , you can do it.

Secondly you must add at least a single fruit in your daily food consumption because honestly eating genetically modified foods everyday doesn’t really help you that much as you would like to think it does. If you would like to challenge the grim reaper before reaching the emotional future you are looking for then don’t watch your daily food consumption.

With the right food.

Thirdly you have to look out for number one for like 50 to 60 percent of the time because your emotional happy future depends on you being able to look out for you first before others because you only have a single happy future to look forward too and you don’t want to end up being upset because someone won’t care for you as much as you do for them.

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The future on engines

The future in engines made of water.

I have been soul searching these few couple of months about ways to have good cleaner energy. My search’s were ruined when I found out that some of the world’s leading energy researchers were mysterious murdered and the energy project they were working on , mysterious put on hold like the HHO generators which use only H2O through a simple process of electrolysis when electricity is applied which would split the compound H2O to HHO .

Since earth is made up of like 72% of H2O why don’t you start researching about ways of making Water generators better than the current HHO generator? That would bring you billions of dollars if you do it right. It’s all about the future energy ladies and gentlemen. Who can be first to give us all great sustainable energy in other for us human species to create a better environment for the future not just the now but the for future.

If you are worried about depleting the amount of water in our planet , I am glad to tell you that there are 23 confirmed planets contain H2O in our solar system so instead of worrying you could now research of ways of how to concur stars because dating back to our ancestors. There has always been one thing that separated us from the dying out species in our planet and that is the will to concur our fears. I know that the first human who shouted an insult instead of throwing a stone was the founder of human civilization but all I’m saying is that we are driven by the fear of dying out and it leaves within us all weather you like it or not.

So instead of worrying find ways to better concur the stars and the water sources they have just for us humans since there aren’t any other species besides us at the moment.

Engines of gas

The time for fear has always been with us but the time for crazy dangerous experiments which promise a better future with lessor fear has came. You do not need a PhD in science to experiment. You do not need the high IQ some students posses to create the most beautiful air engine the world’s ever seen. That’s right there’s also an air engine which use only Oxygen (O2) people. How much would Oxygen cost you? Or do one better create a CO2 Engine , YouTube is there to show you how to build these engines besides these engines date as far back as 1800s so exactly what’s stopping you from perfecting this engine?

If you are researching about the future in engines , I thought you might be interested in inventing one because it’s really easy to do it. Even a three year old could assemble an engine if it was given as toys. Engines are easy to build so why not be the first one to build one perfect engine which uses CO2 and be like Elon Musk. After all Elon Musk never finished college and after just reading one book on batteries he created the most beautiful battery the world’s ever seen plus his a billionaire now and owns the Tesla company.

I’m just saying the future is also easy to perfect if you use the past data and just perfect the past data when you done perfecting , create. What will happen if you arrive in heaven and God asks you what did you create? How will you respond that question? Odds are you never created anything in your life besides the time in preschool. If you were able to create in preschool I bet you can create an engine now because there’s really nothing to it.

Final the cold fusion engine

Scientists involved here end up in strange case of murder so I don’t recommend it unless you think you have solution to everything about radiation waste , how to use Thoruim and how to reduce the nuclear caused by the power plants but with all this said I still recommend it for those of brave hurt to research and experiment on cold fusion after all YOLO”YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”.

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