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Local Tones

Locally this is the kind of tone

I would love to share a moment

With the person who’s presents

Affects the not only my brain

But the ever alert gaurd in me

Easily disabled with her smile

Every action taken with her present

Is then simply justified

My heart is for her and with this song

I’m reminded of gorgeous things

From the east

Representing EastSide

Uncle Wednesday with a fresh release

Eastside baddie

Know yourself for a greater future.

For yourself!!!.

If you are a fan of action hero movies or cartoons then you should know the importance of not really giving up because when things are going horrible wrong , in reality things for you are going horrible great. It’s just a matter of how you speak to yourself. Don’t be ashamed everyone who’s ever lived talks to him / herself. A solo conversation between yourself is the greatest talk you could ever get to experience but we do it less often. After all I’m sure Albert Einstein was talking to himself when he discovered gravity. Lao Tzu says know the man inside and you shall be wiser than the one who knows all but himself. It’s great to know others as it is beneficial but it’s greater to know oneself. Don’t forget to know yourself always because as you live you still complete don’t know who and what you are both in religion and science. Truth of the matters is , no one really knows what all this is , so why not get to know the one thing you spend 365 days a year with , the thing that you are. Anybody could be a master in what the world has to offer but nobody can be a master of you besides yourself , remember that shit. Keep growing yourself , be an unshakable tree of knowledge of thyself.

A fit of rhyme against rhyme by Ben Jonson. Rhymes I find futuristic.

Rhyme, the rack of finest wits,
That expresseth but by fits
True conceit,
Spoiling senses of their treasure,
Cozening judgment with a measure,
But false weight;
Wresting words from their true calling,
Propping verse for fear of falling
To the ground;
Jointing syllabes, drowning letters,
Fast’ning vowels as with fetters
They were bound!
Soon as lazy thou wert known,
All good poetry hence was flown,
And art banish’d.
For a thousand years together
All Parnassus’ green did wither,
And wit vanish’d.
Pegasus did fly away,
At the wells no Muse did stay,
But bewail’d
So to see the fountain dry,
And Apollo’s music die,
All light failed!
Starveling rhymes did fill the stage;
Not a poet in an age
Worth crowning;
Not a work deserving bays,
Not a line deserving praise,
Pallas frowning;
Greek was free from rhyme’s infection,
Happy Greek by this protection
Was not spoiled.
Whilst the Latin, queen of tongues,
Is not yet free from rhyme’s wrongs,
But rests foiled.
Scarce the hill again doth flourish,
Scarce the world a wit doth nourish
To restore
Phњbus to his crown again,
And the Muses to their brain,
As before.
Vulgar languages that want
Words and sweetness, and be scant
Of true measure,
Tyrant rhyme hath so abused,
That they long since have refused
Other cжsure.
He that first invented thee,
May his joints tormented be,
Cramp’d forever.
Still may syllabes jar with time,
Still may reason war with rhyme,
Resting never.
May his sense when it would meet
The cold tumor in his feet,
Grow unsounder;
And his title be long fool,
That in rearing such a school
Was the founder.

Humans are pretty funny creatures , do you want to know why that is?.

This carbon dioxide we smoking everyday of our lives gives us fuzzy thinking but it’s funny how carbon dioxide is bad for humans since it contains two oxygen atoms

Let me tell you how funny humans can get. Let’s start with basic stuff like a funeral. First of all whoever came up with an idea for a coffin was an idiot period. Mostly coffins are a burier between the soil and the dead body. So exactly how does the soil get naturally fertilised now?, Hell we would have more fertile soil if only coffins were not so trendy plus no tree would be cut off to make coffins , honestly we just wasting our oxygen.

Added bonus tombstones , now this is more stupid than the coffin. What happened to planting an everlasting tree in remembrance of the one who left us in this world.

Isn’t planting a tree way much better than putting a stone which can not even weather the weather.

It’s funny how we are scared of death yet most of the times the shit we humans do drives us closer to death than away from it.

We are that funny.

There is still a great future available if only we join together and work for it.

It will be such a shame to allow the future generations of our species , not to experience this beautiful nature and currently with the Amazon forest plus Australia forest burnt down. We must be very alert with saving nature because primarily humans function much better with plenty oxygen available so if forest are being burnt for fun we better watch it because we seem to be forgetting Newton’s third law people , in order simplier words are karma. Please don’t forget that this planet isn’t a movie scene , we don’t get a redo, there’s only now and we can only hope for tomorrow so please please please I beg you , let’s get really clever towards what we have because even heaven is not guaranteed so seriously wake up and really start realising what’s real and what’s not.

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Should you be scared of pop up viruses?

Well you can be only worried about pop up viruses that are meant to control the population rate because these are viruses specially designed to kill randomly but then again , every virus is deadly so it’s a really good thing to be highly worried and alert. Random selection meant for population balance involving chemically based death is thee most stupid thing to consider but currently speaking China has acquired a new deadly virus which is the Coronavirus and we can be expecting a dramatic dead count on China’s population and this could get worse if it spreads to other countries too but I’m hoping it stops in China. Let’s not prove great Stephen Hawkings about his predictions which included deadly viruses meant to control the population rate and the truth of it all is that the Coronavirus is just the beginning of things descending towards madness because this Coronavirus sounds worse than the ebola virus.

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Thought of the day for the future.

I don’t like that man , I should get to know him better.

There’s nothing to hate in this world really because when you dislike something that just truly means you don’t really know what is going on in that subject. Hate comes from the lack of knowledge. When you find yourself hating something , get to know it a bit better and let go of that hate because hate is a useless but great emotion. Hate is useless because it edges you to refrain from a subject but it’s useful because without your consent you’ll be suddenly curious towards something you completely have no idea about since you hate it. Truly I think hate is just a little mixture of fear and curiosity.

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Cup of tea for the day

The cup of rejuvenation

Now let’s get something straight , there is no magical cup of tea for rejuvenation in the world but if you can think about it , the world shall thank you. On the serious note though we all know that our thoughts are our only source of rejuvenation for the given time plus we all know that thoughts pop up randomly and this is good for you and also bad thus thoughts help us cope with the thought of how to better handle upcoming similar ventures and this is a good thing. Thoughts only become bad when you start living in them and wasting time in them. The best way to make your thoughts more positive is to , ask yourself at the end of the thought why am I thinking about this and how is this thought supposed to help me in the future because if it does not help you then why do you have to think about it? Remember that time is so precious that it can not be recovered.

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