Learn how to love others and your future shall look brighter.

Love has to be the Pilar of nations worldwide but that is not the case in this world. Love doesn’t drive the world anymore. People rarely understand what love truly is and if you don’t understand something you rarely engage in it. Like playing Soduku , most people don’t understand this game so its rarely played.

Learn what love is and use it to your own benefit.

Imagine if every human being truly understood what love is , there would be less heart breaks , less divorce rates , higher marriage rates and more and more families coming together in the name of love. So let me tell you what love truly is and you can not dispute this. Love is how you treat yourself. I don’t care what you think but I know that nobody treats you better than how you treat yourself.

All these smiles can be seen everywhere if the world was full of love.

So if truly you wanted to show the world love , you would have to treat everyone you meet in the exact same way you would treat yourself. The future on love may be corrected before the term love becomes corrupted for the worse as people are always looking to better their own hand rather than the world’s hand.

It’s time you stop Falling in love and started rising in love.

If you learned how to treat others as you treat yourself , you would have more connections in the world ready to die for you because they know that you would do the same for them. The future of Love Is in your hands to fix and I have given you hits on how to do so.