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Local tunes

She from Mexico, I think we must all agree To the fact that Mexican ladies are gorgeous They are a rare exciting Exotic breed of ladies They are intense Plus extremely passionate About what they do. This locally known artist from Wattville, known as Uncle Wednesday , expresses this truth in his song Mexico

Searching for meaning in your life for a better future ?.

Well you should stop searching because meaning isn’t a physical phenomenon in this dimension but an unseen feeling of deeds to be accomplished by you because meaning is more like karma, it comes to you when you not expecting it, so stop expecting to find meaning and you shall find meaning, it is like aContinue reading “Searching for meaning in your life for a better future ?.”

Learn to not choose sides in a argument for a better future .

Arguments usually happen over disputes of knowledge because knowledge is powerful and conflicts are held all over the world for knowledge, because the greatest trick a magician can do is keep you from knowing the trick because if you knew how to do it, it wouldn’t be as mind blowing as you would expect itContinue reading “Learn to not choose sides in a argument for a better future .”

What do you do when you feel alone.

Rejoice because you know greater peace than some people who are always active, lost and confused in this subliminally conscious world. Nobody knows true peace because even when you sleep you still can hear the signal disturbances from your TV from your wifi router from anything that is electronic. So complete silence, a very fewContinue reading “What do you do when you feel alone.”