For The Future


This a website where all things are futuristic, including food if there was futuristic food.

We want people to stay informed about the kind of technological equipments which are possible to create in this day and age which might very well change the course of Human nature towards a future of galactic wars fought on space because humans really love fighting and the space can be a great arena for such battles.

You deserve to know everything which you can create in your backyard which might make you the very next Elon Musk.

Why the future

There’s nothing in this world more exciting than knowing the future. They always say the future is your so I’m going to let you know what’s yours and what can further be yours you get it?.

It’s great to know your path trust me. There’s nothing else better than being in charge of the future because by being in charge of the future you are in other words being in charge of now because there is now you no way to predict but the is a way to prepare and alter which includes you of course.

I want to help you find your future in the now because you meditate you realise that there is better only a now , what happens is life’s events to teach and train you but by planning it means you are a step closer to being in charge of the future.

Why trust me?

Question is why not?, All I have to offer you is knowledge and all billionaires are striving for knowledge like knowledge was God so exactly why don’t you want to strive for knowledge?.

I’m not asking for your money or subscription.

Am just here for you with an open heart like motherTeresa when she left us with her knowledge.

All I have is the knowledge I get from the reading I do so I’m kinda making your work easier.

I’m just offering you an imaginary rose of thought it is up to you whether you decide to grow that imaginary rose and make it an imaginary wild forest of thoughts full of beneficial memories or you can waste the imaginary rose of thought and let it fade to dust to but a glim memory either way the future shall catch up to you.

Grow a forest of thoughts with a clear path and you shall be forever curious , the key to internal life.