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Massive death and its benefits.

Losing your own kind does seem a bit hush and uncalled for but it is totally necessary for balance, in order for something knew to bloom then something old must fade, death is but an assurance that we must live life to the fullest before it is taken away by an unfortunate event. Now when death is happening at a massive rate, one fears for his or her own consciousness , one starts to question themselves if they have lived they’re lives to the fullest yet, awareness of this great event or happening called life becomes extra ordinary, see during the massive bad happenings, the good in these bad events is clouded by fear of the uncertainty of what is to happen next. But then again people are all now paying attention to their surroundings, their focusing more on what they are doing. This is the first time in a while when the whole world is actually careful about what and when they are doing something. Death is scary but it does more good than harm and the sooner you realize this, death shall no longer be considered as something that should be feared. Think of the plants that could actually flourish if humans were actually given casket free burials. Mother nature would do nothing but bloom. We are still part of the Ecco system, let’s not cut ourselves out of it. I know some of you all out there would hate to hear this but, in actual fact, the less humans we have, the better we are at moving on as a species with so many resources that actually cannot maintain every human being on planet earth.

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