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I’m in love with thyself.

Thyself is selfish , thyself is selfless , thyself is ruthless , thyself is insecure , thyself is scared , thyself is curious , thyself is greedy at times , thyself can not be contained nor controlled by anyone else besides me , thyself can not be silenced and this may all seems bad but from another point of view thyself is protective , thyself is brave , thyself is cunning , thyself needs affection , thyself is true to ones self , thyself is aware of his own existence with the outer existence , thyself looks out for number one , thyself needs to expresses his true intentions , thyself has but one master and that is I , the I Am , thyself voices out my real thoughts so with this being said , I actually think thyself is but truly in love with thyself alone.


Self love is important.

Published by Future

I tell you everything and anything about the future, I'm all things futuristic and you could be too.

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