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Lying to protect the truth.

I truly believe humans can not function well without lying a little, there are some things society can not understand so confusing them more with the truth might poison their minds which led me to believe that sometimes lying to protect the truth is needed like how the truth of your existence as a whole is still a mystery to us all which means someone or something is keeping the truth away from you. So believe me if you have to lie to save something, do so with as much pleasure as you would when you do your favorite deed in this planet for this is just a game being enjoyed without any strings attached. Lie lie lie lie, you are allowed to lie, it’s not bad at all if necessary. There are good lies and bad lies but lying is lying so if you have to man up and save the day with a lie, for the truth may deepen the scar which is already there but a lie can guarantee a win depending on how good you are at lying then I edge you to lie with passion. Know that lying requires you to be a good secret keeper or guardian. Be great at keeping a secret. Liars must be good very good secret keeper’s. Last but not least have a monster memory then hope karma is good on you for your outrageous deed. Avoid involving another human being on the lies you tell, because if another human knows about it, it’s no longer a secret for a secret is something which only you know. Society might have painted lying as a bad deed but they don’t understand that a lot of the situations you face in life require you to lie more than once which makes lying necessary for survival.

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