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Be passionate about the future you are heading towards.

Future is but a funny term when you realize that when I say future I don’t necessarily mean days or years after, no, your future is now and is passionately moving forward like a runaway train which can’t be stopped for no reason even for the death of someone, no, the train keeps on moving, it has to move forward, it doesn’t know nothing else better to do, forward it goes passionately towards an uncertain exciting future. Time is certainly confident about heading towards the future because since I was born I have never seen it stop or hesitate to head forward unless the clock was broken so if you aren’t feeling sick or aren’t physically broken why should you slow down?. Time lost can never be regained for we do not live in the time traveling era so I would start gaining some of this confidence that Time has about heading forward for the future. Confidence requires a certain amount of passion in a person’s attitude. Be passionate about heading forward and you could acquire a trip of nothing but experiences of earth’s wonders.

Published by Future

I tell you everything and anything about the future, I'm all things futuristic and you could be too.

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