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Searching for meaning in your life for a better future ?.

Well you should stop searching because meaning isn’t a physical phenomenon in this dimension but an unseen feeling of deeds to be accomplished by you because meaning is more like karma, it comes to you when you not expecting it, so stop expecting to find meaning and you shall find meaning, it is like a hidden treasure across the sea of planet earth with no map, no clue, no details to where to beginning looking for it but it is there like a mystery myth that is known to be true without any hint of existing evidence of it. Meaning isn’t meant to be discovered simply by you looking for it. Same as love, you don’t find it by looking for it. Live more and be curious more about everything that surrounds you then maybe you will move a step forward to finding or having meaning in your life. The future is uncertain and unpredictable for some but having or knowing the meaning to your existence puts you in a better position to enjoy the good and bad that will come towards your path of existence as your life keeps on unfolding with time like a blooming rose. I wish I had or knew a short cut into finding meaning for your life but that is not the case, so like me, you will have to take this journey completely motivated by your faith that you will discover meaning at an unexpected time and unexpected place when.

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I tell you everything and anything about the future, I'm all things futuristic and you could be too.

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