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Learn to not choose sides in a argument for a better future .

Arguments usually happen over disputes of knowledge because knowledge is powerful and conflicts are held all over the world for knowledge, because the greatest trick a magician can do is keep you from knowing the trick because if you knew how to do it, it wouldn’t be as mind blowing as you would expect it to be. So if arguments are held, rather not pick a side because without the presence of both sides there wouldn’t be a greater understanding and unveiling of the true mysteries of the world consist of like what if the wind isn’t really air blowing at great speeds but magnetic waves of which we feel because we have positive and negative magnetized blood cells?. The point I am trying to make is that greater understanding towards a concept of which is mysterious to us requires an argument that will lead us to having two different kinds of interpretation of which may be wrong themselves but that is great because we move two steps close to the truth about that mystery. Don’t choose a side in an argument which involves physical fights for you may walk back home with a scar yourself because they both are right about what they are arguing about and they are both wrong in that very same argument, instead try and make them see this if they do not see and understand this, walk away for you cannot be involved in two dragons clashing, having a head to head contest. If you do not choose sides, you can be able to maintain a relationship with both parties then as time goes by, make them see how useless it was for them to fight in the first place. Therefore you become peace keeper. We need more peace keepers in this planet.

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