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Addicted To My Lady Friend.

The connection between us is funny, the history between us is funny but if you know me well, I am addicted to fun and so is she, she just enjoys life and can maintain herself in an age of horror around every block, I like her not because of her streets smarts but because of how she is able to use her streets smarts to her advantage, in an age of make-up she uses less make-up , I myself would like to think she doesn’t need make-up, one of the lowkey unrecognizable gorgeous female, her lowkey shining shows off the unique art living among us, call it bragging but we possess living jewelry amongst us, she’s an old school young school female with tons amount of ambition hidden, how marvelous that my ranking in her life is forever, like the nerd in blackish I don’t hate females, I love them for their existence and this specific female, I love her for her presence, but in the world where love is indescribable, I am lowkey attracted to her, in order to describe this unique feeling but thou she may not be the one for me please don’t let this cloud you from how marvelously unique she is. Within her I recognize the excellence of females. The players unseen and unrecognized. The silent vendetta’s. She is a representation of glory to be found within this world. I know about the devil in her and that maybe whats calling me towards her. For I don’t despise but admire what she brings towards the table of existence. One of the dark females, darkness representing all colours damn couldn’t she be more glorious being that she’s all colours and that she is representing all that is and all that ever was or maybe is all that is and all that ever was. Deeply intrigued by her, My heart doesn’t beat at all when I am near her, it is at rest deeply quiet almost as if it’s listening to her heart so it can catch the rhythm of her beat and beat in sync with hers. These are but the little effects she has upon me and she but my friend.

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