Winning the game.

I can motivate you repeatedly over and over again till you find your path as a human being on this planet earth. I have realized something outstanding myself, I now understand the feeling of being beaten crippled hurt broken beyond repair but what I missed from all that experience was that it was all just a game, a twist of faith, a balance in my lively equations. I was so deeply lost in those dark clouded memories of my life. The moment I realized it was all a game, all that I am experiencing is somewhat of a movie and the real me, the one inside me, the one always watching and listening is inside this body and somehow its my only vessel to experience this dramatic error in the universe which is us humans, I leave this at that…but what ever you are going through I want you to first look at everything from the youngest memory you can possibly have in your mind as if you were watching a movie in your head I want you to think about it all… Then ask yourself why did I experience all this… Then my friend you begin to survive the game as you begin to awaken. And always question your existence, my friend you are here for a reason….

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