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Know yourself for a greater future.

For yourself!!!.

If you are a fan of action hero movies or cartoons then you should know the importance of not really giving up because when things are going horrible wrong , in reality things for you are going horrible great. It’s just a matter of how you speak to yourself. Don’t be ashamed everyone who’s ever lived talks to him / herself. A solo conversation between yourself is the greatest talk you could ever get to experience but we do it less often. After all I’m sure Albert Einstein was talking to himself when he discovered gravity. Lao Tzu says know the man inside and you shall be wiser than the one who knows all but himself. It’s great to know others as it is beneficial but it’s greater to know oneself. Don’t forget to know yourself always because as you live you still complete don’t know who and what you are both in religion and science. Truth of the matters is , no one really knows what all this is , so why not get to know the one thing you spend 365 days a year with , the thing that you are. Anybody could be a master in what the world has to offer but nobody can be a master of you besides yourself , remember that shit. Keep growing yourself , be an unshakable tree of knowledge of thyself.

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4 thoughts on “Know yourself for a greater future.

  1. Thoughts are TRULY things, and attitude is everything. I also look to the future with much optimistic anticipation – the past is gone, only valuable as a reference once in a while. Welcome to – a chronicle of my true vintage fashion collection and frequent finds.

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