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Cup of tea for the day

The cup of rejuvenation

Now let’s get something straight , there is no magical cup of tea for rejuvenation in the world but if you can think about it , the world shall thank you. On the serious note though we all know that our thoughts are our only source of rejuvenation for the given time plus we all know that thoughts pop up randomly and this is good for you and also bad thus thoughts help us cope with the thought of how to better handle upcoming similar ventures and this is a good thing. Thoughts only become bad when you start living in them and wasting time in them. The best way to make your thoughts more positive is to , ask yourself at the end of the thought why am I thinking about this and how is this thought supposed to help me in the future because if it does not help you then why do you have to think about it? Remember that time is so precious that it can not be recovered.

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