Should nice people really be expecting a great future?.

Well this depends upon how nice you are as a person because there are various ways to being nice like a person who may treat you very nicely and have the most outrageous evil thoughts at heart for his/her own personal gain towards how they treat you or a person may treat you very awfully and have thee most sincerest plans towards his actions of being bad towards you , hoping you might learn something valuable from his/her actions towards you (it’s up to you to decide who is the nice person) . If you are to be nice , First have ulterior motives. You should never be nice just because you feel like being nice because subconsciously you want that person to return the same kind of gesture you gave to him/her but what happens when the very same person decides not be nice towards you? You will lose your mind trust me.


Being nice can be your most powerful weapon of gesture or your worst kind of gestures to be playing with.

Being nice without any ulterior motives may be the worst kind of move to do ever because motives are important to have in your daily life because with a motive in place , you will always find peace towards why in the first place you committed this kind or nice gesture towards a person because motives serve as a burier between you and the other people’s gestures towards you so that if the person you are being nice too can not do the same thing for you , you can not feel sad or angry because you have those buriers of motives towards your actions then suddenly every action you take becomes more beneficial towards yourself and not the other person.


Never be the nice guy in all situation encountered in.

We all know the compound effect of life right which states that the more you do something , the bigger it’s effects shall get. Combine with Newton’s third law of life which states that for every action taken there’s an equal direct opposite of that action which shall act on you. So I ask you what’s the direct opposite of being nice? Combine with the compound effect? ,Sure smells like disaster. Know when to be a nice person and when not to be a nice person. Besides the Newton’s law and compound effect which might seem outrageous to you , I’m just trying to show you that some other people can take advantage of your ways of being nice.


The future of a nice person

With motives of why you are being nice your future looks bright but without motives you are literally digging your own grave.

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17 thoughts on “Should nice people really be expecting a great future?.

      1. I have never solved a rubix cube in my life
        I was look for anyone who had solutions to doing so
        I mean people solve it in seconds these days and others even blind folded but I can’t solve three sides
        So I searched for people who are experts and you came up on the top 20 for sure

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      2. Wow!! Thanks!! 🤣🤣 Thanks for answering my questions, it helps me know what people like to read and how people find my blog!! I’ve been Cubing for a while and do a lot of research into though my times aren’t incredibly fast!!

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    1. What would you have talk about? Am open for any questions or theories.
      Things we can debate about. Thanks for your insights
      That’s why I follow you to make sure we don’t have the same content for people of the web

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