Does having restrictions in your life help better your future?

The term restrictions can sometimes be compared to the term limitations. Now having limits on some matters means that you just not whiling to cross a line which you have put out for yourself and this may seem like a good idea but I assure you it’s not. Humans were never built to have limits Instead it’s the other way around. I’m not encourage you to be a risk taker but once in a while you should show people that you have no limitations like when Elon Musk smoked weed live on radio , this showed he has no limitations.

Understand the kind of risks he took to sit there and capture this monumental picture for us which will be part of history now. He is risking it all just by sitting on that spot alone because no one knows when the edge shall fall off but he did it anyway.

If humans think you have limitations that you can not surpass , they can use those limitations against you and I know that for fact because I would do the exact same thing without hesitation. So trust me showing people that you can be a risk taker when it’s needed would make humans fear you because you suddenly become unpredictable in the eyes of the public with your work and how you do things. The public shall always be on their feet when you do something because they now know you can break your limitations when need be and you always want to keep the public on their feet when you do something new which is great for your future.

No restrictions , no limitations and certainly no excuse.

Having restrictions in your life helps you stay out of sticking situations most of the time but it takes away all of the fun you can experience when you get in trouble. Having restrictions doesn’t help better your future at all because you always play things safe and life is a gamble honestly. Every time when you get out of the bed you are gambling with your life because shit happens like maybe a sink hole might suddenly appear on the side walk you are walking on.

Having no restrictions is better than having some because you are brought in this world to experience everything possible for you and not to limit your experiences by having restrictions. If you must know , women don’t find a Man with restrictions on himself attractive, women always crave for risk taker and you must ask yourself why is that. Risk takers have more chances on succeeding than non risk takers. Everything you do is a risk because the outcome is uncertain so why have restrictions? when the future itself is uncertain.

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