How being a master of not being able to focus can limit your creative on subjects involved in.

More and more humans are showing signs of lack of concentration on the active they engage on because of the popular statement which states and I qoute “killing two birds with a single stone” meaning that we often multitask on any given time and although it may seem that we are saving time , we are often becoming masters at lack of concentration.

Your journey on being able to focus begins

People often say creativity requires a lot of focus which is a hundred percent true but I ask you , how could you be a master of focusing when you practising how to multitasking everyday of your life?, If you didn’t know , multitasking requires you to focus on all task being worked on. Yes multitasking may save time but the tasks on hand receive less focus as your focus must be divided among the tasks trying to be accomplished.

Doing incredible things requires a lot of focus.

If you want to achieve golden recommendable work on everything you do , I suggest that you burn your multitasking way of doing things. Imagine if every task you were involved in , received 100% of your focus. I don’t know the math yet but you would be Godly at that task. Learn to focus on a single task. Meditating for at least an hour a day , helps you regain your long lost ability to focus.

This is easy to do if you are able to focus.

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