How to be a better funny person for the future and also the benefits that come with being a funny person

People always say that telling jokes is hard but Kevin Hart may disagree with all of them as his the greatest comedian to ever grace the theatre stages on this past centuries. My question to y’all is that do y’all laugh at Kevin Harts jokes or are you laughing at Kevin for being such a dumb ass?.

Do you laugh at the joke or the person in it?.

People normally don’t laugh at a joke which doesn’t involve human suffering or dumb humans doing some pretty stupid senseless things. So if you really want to be funny person first. You have to master the art of making people laugh at YOU not the joke. That’s how you really become funny. Making people laugh at you , not the joke. Take a look at all the greatest comedian’s dating back to Charlie Chaplin , Adam Sandler , Chris Tucker , Bernie Mac , Jim Carrey and so many more Greats , You would notice that we did not laugh at their jokes completely , somehow we were laughing at the artists not the jokes. The word Joke should mean a person doing stupid or clever things then being laughed at for doing what he just did the way he just did it.

Do dumb shit like when Me and Nada went to the extremes of just taking a picture on a hill. Do you how many times we fell trying to get to the top? To only take one picture. The number of times we fell was just unnecessary.

Being able to make people laugh at you , attracts more humans towards you because of the fact that you would be able to find something funny at the most stressful moments you could encounter in life and humans really want such a person to be part of their lifes , someone who would be able to make them laugh at their selves on what shit they got themselves into. If you can master this art , popularity is just the beginning of being able to make people laugh. You would also be regarded as cool, crazy, insane, outrageous, fun, enjoyable person to be around and the world is missing a lot of these people , so would truly be a rare catch. Learn how to make people laugh at the person in the joke being told.

People laugh at people , not the other way around

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