How being able to say NO in matters that require you to say NO can lead you towards a better future.

You probably don’t know this but it’s been proven that a person who is able to say No on relevant matters has more confidence than a person who says Yes all the time. Saying No gives you an ability to control the situation you are tackling plus to top things up , being able to say No invokes the brain of the other person to whom you said it too , so you may have their full attention.

You use the word right and you will get more respect

The only problem is that people do not know when to use such a powerful word and when to not use the word. This word can only be used if the situation does not promise a good outcome because if you can not see a good outcome then guess what? , The world won’t be able to see a good outcome as well. The world around you is the mirror of your mind.

Use your words carefully and your future shall look better.

Caution , saying No too much leads to unproductivity which is clearly not good for your future as unproductivity might cut your future short. You just need to learn how to Say No less frequently so that you can control most of the situations to your own benefit because the word No empowers you. Just know when to say NO please , infact be cautious with how you use your words.

Time is precious

Yes is also a power word but I write about that word on another blog , I just wanted you to know here that having more control plus added confidence leads to a better future plus if you use your words well and affect those around you , it will be powerful enough to affect mother earth too. #betterfuture

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