The future on engines

The future in engines made of water.

I have been soul searching these few couple of months about ways to have good cleaner energy. My search’s were ruined when I found out that some of the world’s leading energy researchers were mysterious murdered and the energy project they were working on , mysterious put on hold like the HHO generators which use only H2O through a simple process of electrolysis when electricity is applied which would split the compound H2O to HHO .

Since earth is made up of like 72% of H2O why don’t you start researching about ways of making Water generators better than the current HHO generator? That would bring you billions of dollars if you do it right. It’s all about the future energy ladies and gentlemen. Who can be first to give us all great sustainable energy in other for us human species to create a better environment for the future not just the now but the for future.

If you are worried about depleting the amount of water in our planet , I am glad to tell you that there are 23 confirmed planets contain H2O in our solar system so instead of worrying you could now research of ways of how to concur stars because dating back to our ancestors. There has always been one thing that separated us from the dying out species in our planet and that is the will to concur our fears. I know that the first human who shouted an insult instead of throwing a stone was the founder of human civilization but all I’m saying is that we are driven by the fear of dying out and it leaves within us all weather you like it or not.

So instead of worrying find ways to better concur the stars and the water sources they have just for us humans since there aren’t any other species besides us at the moment.

Engines of gas

The time for fear has always been with us but the time for crazy dangerous experiments which promise a better future with lessor fear has came. You do not need a PhD in science to experiment. You do not need the high IQ some students posses to create the most beautiful air engine the world’s ever seen. That’s right there’s also an air engine which use only Oxygen (O2) people. How much would Oxygen cost you? Or do one better create a CO2 Engine , YouTube is there to show you how to build these engines besides these engines date as far back as 1800s so exactly what’s stopping you from perfecting this engine?

If you are researching about the future in engines , I thought you might be interested in inventing one because it’s really easy to do it. Even a three year old could assemble an engine if it was given as toys. Engines are easy to build so why not be the first one to build one perfect engine which uses CO2 and be like Elon Musk. After all Elon Musk never finished college and after just reading one book on batteries he created the most beautiful battery the world’s ever seen plus his a billionaire now and owns the Tesla company.

I’m just saying the future is also easy to perfect if you use the past data and just perfect the past data when you done perfecting , create. What will happen if you arrive in heaven and God asks you what did you create? How will you respond that question? Odds are you never created anything in your life besides the time in preschool. If you were able to create in preschool I bet you can create an engine now because there’s really nothing to it.

Final the cold fusion engine

Scientists involved here end up in strange case of murder so I don’t recommend it unless you think you have solution to everything about radiation waste , how to use Thoruim and how to reduce the nuclear caused by the power plants but with all this said I still recommend it for those of brave hurt to research and experiment on cold fusion after all YOLO”YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”.

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