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She from Mexico,

I think we must all agree

To the fact that

Mexican ladies are gorgeous

They are a rare exciting

Exotic breed of ladies

They are intense

Plus extremely passionate

About what they do.

This locally known artist from Wattville, known as Uncle Wednesday , expresses this truth in his song Mexico

Massive death and its benefits.

Losing your own kind does seem a bit hush and uncalled for but it is totally necessary for balance, in order for something knew to bloom then something old must fade, death is but an assurance that we must live life to the fullest before it is taken away by an unfortunate event. Now when death is happening at a massive rate, one fears for his or her own consciousness , one starts to question themselves if they have lived they’re lives to the fullest yet, awareness of this great event or happening called life becomes extra ordinary, see during the massive bad happenings, the good in these bad events is clouded by fear of the uncertainty of what is to happen next. But then again people are all now paying attention to their surroundings, their focusing more on what they are doing. This is the first time in a while when the whole world is actually careful about what and when they are doing something. Death is scary but it does more good than harm and the sooner you realize this, death shall no longer be considered as something that should be feared. Think of the plants that could actually flourish if humans were actually given casket free burials. Mother nature would do nothing but bloom. We are still part of the Ecco system, let’s not cut ourselves out of it. I know some of you all out there would hate to hear this but, in actual fact, the less humans we have, the better we are at moving on as a species with so many resources that actually cannot maintain every human being on planet earth.

I’m in love with thyself.

Thyself is selfish , thyself is selfless , thyself is ruthless , thyself is insecure , thyself is scared , thyself is curious , thyself is greedy at times , thyself can not be contained nor controlled by anyone else besides me , thyself can not be silenced and this may all seems bad but from another point of view thyself is protective , thyself is brave , thyself is cunning , thyself needs affection , thyself is true to ones self , thyself is aware of his own existence with the outer existence , thyself looks out for number one , thyself needs to expresses his true intentions , thyself has but one master and that is I , the I Am , thyself voices out my real thoughts so with this being said , I actually think thyself is but truly in love with thyself alone.


Self love is important.

Be passionate about the future you are heading towards.

Future is but a funny term when you realize that when I say future I don’t necessarily mean days or years after, no, your future is now and is passionately moving forward like a runaway train which can’t be stopped for no reason even for the death of someone, no, the train keeps on moving, it has to move forward, it doesn’t know nothing else better to do, forward it goes passionately towards an uncertain exciting future. Time is certainly confident about heading towards the future because since I was born I have never seen it stop or hesitate to head forward unless the clock was broken so if you aren’t feeling sick or aren’t physically broken why should you slow down?. Time lost can never be regained for we do not live in the time traveling era so I would start gaining some of this confidence that Time has about heading forward for the future. Confidence requires a certain amount of passion in a person’s attitude. Be passionate about heading forward and you could acquire a trip of nothing but experiences of earth’s wonders.

Lying to protect the truth.

I truly believe humans can not function well without lying a little, there are some things society can not understand so confusing them more with the truth might poison their minds which led me to believe that sometimes lying to protect the truth is needed like how the truth of your existence as a whole is still a mystery to us all which means someone or something is keeping the truth away from you. So believe me if you have to lie to save something, do so with as much pleasure as you would when you do your favorite deed in this planet for this is just a game being enjoyed without any strings attached. Lie lie lie lie, you are allowed to lie, it’s not bad at all if necessary. There are good lies and bad lies but lying is lying so if you have to man up and save the day with a lie, for the truth may deepen the scar which is already there but a lie can guarantee a win depending on how good you are at lying then I edge you to lie with passion. Know that lying requires you to be a good secret keeper or guardian. Be great at keeping a secret. Liars must be good very good secret keeper’s. Last but not least have a monster memory then hope karma is good on you for your outrageous deed. Avoid involving another human being on the lies you tell, because if another human knows about it, it’s no longer a secret for a secret is something which only you know. Society might have painted lying as a bad deed but they don’t understand that a lot of the situations you face in life require you to lie more than once which makes lying necessary for survival.

Searching for meaning in your life for a better future ?.

Well you should stop searching because meaning isn’t a physical phenomenon in this dimension but an unseen feeling of deeds to be accomplished by you because meaning is more like karma, it comes to you when you not expecting it, so stop expecting to find meaning and you shall find meaning, it is like a hidden treasure across the sea of planet earth with no map, no clue, no details to where to beginning looking for it but it is there like a mystery myth that is known to be true without any hint of existing evidence of it. Meaning isn’t meant to be discovered simply by you looking for it. Same as love, you don’t find it by looking for it. Live more and be curious more about everything that surrounds you then maybe you will move a step forward to finding or having meaning in your life. The future is uncertain and unpredictable for some but having or knowing the meaning to your existence puts you in a better position to enjoy the good and bad that will come towards your path of existence as your life keeps on unfolding with time like a blooming rose. I wish I had or knew a short cut into finding meaning for your life but that is not the case, so like me, you will have to take this journey completely motivated by your faith that you will discover meaning at an unexpected time and unexpected place when.

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Learn to not choose sides in a argument for a better future .

Arguments usually happen over disputes of knowledge because knowledge is powerful and conflicts are held all over the world for knowledge, because the greatest trick a magician can do is keep you from knowing the trick because if you knew how to do it, it wouldn’t be as mind blowing as you would expect it to be. So if arguments are held, rather not pick a side because without the presence of both sides there wouldn’t be a greater understanding and unveiling of the true mysteries of the world consist of like what if the wind isn’t really air blowing at great speeds but magnetic waves of which we feel because we have positive and negative magnetized blood cells?. The point I am trying to make is that greater understanding towards a concept of which is mysterious to us requires an argument that will lead us to having two different kinds of interpretation of which may be wrong themselves but that is great because we move two steps close to the truth about that mystery. Don’t choose a side in an argument which involves physical fights for you may walk back home with a scar yourself because they both are right about what they are arguing about and they are both wrong in that very same argument, instead try and make them see this if they do not see and understand this, walk away for you cannot be involved in two dragons clashing, having a head to head contest. If you do not choose sides, you can be able to maintain a relationship with both parties then as time goes by, make them see how useless it was for them to fight in the first place. Therefore you become peace keeper. We need more peace keepers in this planet.

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Addicted To My Lady Friend.

The connection between us is funny, the history between us is funny but if you know me well, I am addicted to fun and so is she, she just enjoys life and can maintain herself in an age of horror around every block, I like her not because of her streets smarts but because of how she is able to use her streets smarts to her advantage, in an age of make-up she uses less make-up , I myself would like to think she doesn’t need make-up, one of the lowkey unrecognizable gorgeous female, her lowkey shining shows off the unique art living among us, call it bragging but we possess living jewelry amongst us, she’s an old school young school female with tons amount of ambition hidden, how marvelous that my ranking in her life is forever, like the nerd in blackish I don’t hate females, I love them for their existence and this specific female, I love her for her presence, but in the world where love is indescribable, I am lowkey attracted to her, in order to describe this unique feeling but thou she may not be the one for me please don’t let this cloud you from how marvelously unique she is. Within her I recognize the excellence of females. The players unseen and unrecognized. The silent vendetta’s. She is a representation of glory to be found within this world. I know about the devil in her and that maybe whats calling me towards her. For I don’t despise but admire what she brings towards the table of existence. One of the dark females, darkness representing all colours damn couldn’t she be more glorious being that she’s all colours and that she is representing all that is and all that ever was or maybe is all that is and all that ever was. Deeply intrigued by her, My heart doesn’t beat at all when I am near her, it is at rest deeply quiet almost as if it’s listening to her heart so it can catch the rhythm of her beat and beat in sync with hers. These are but the little effects she has upon me and she but my friend.

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What do you do when you feel alone.

Rejoice because you know greater peace than some people who are always active, lost and confused in this subliminally conscious world.

Nobody knows true peace because even when you sleep you still can hear the signal disturbances from your TV from your wifi router from anything that is electronic. So complete silence, a very few knew that or if there are still blind spots from this noise then lucky ones know complete peace.

Rejoice for peace comes in many ways.

If they want to leave you alone then it simply means you are too complicated and overwhelming complex for them like the paradox box.

Winning the game.

I can motivate you repeatedly over and over again till you find your path as a human being on this planet earth. I have realized something outstanding myself, I now understand the feeling of being beaten crippled hurt broken beyond repair but what I missed from all that experience was that it was all just a game, a twist of faith, a balance in my lively equations. I was so deeply lost in those dark clouded memories of my life. The moment I realized it was all a game, all that I am experiencing is somewhat of a movie and the real me, the one inside me, the one always watching and listening is inside this body and somehow its my only vessel to experience this dramatic error in the universe which is us humans, I leave this at that…but what ever you are going through I want you to first look at everything from the youngest memory you can possibly have in your mind as if you were watching a movie in your head I want you to think about it all… Then ask yourself why did I experience all this… Then my friend you begin to survive the game as you begin to awaken. And always question your existence, my friend you are here for a reason….